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Level one easy keyboard masterworks

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My favorite classics


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(A) Deserted Farm (Mac Dowell) - (A) Game (Kabalevsky) - (A) Gigg (Byrd) - (A) Ground In Gamut (Purcell) - (A) Little Song (Kabalevsky) - (Mozart) - (Sonatina Movement In G (Clementi) - (The) Clown (Kabalevsky) - (The) Fair (Czerny) - (The) Happy Farmer (Schumann) - (The) Lost Doll (Bartok) - (The) Wild Horseman (Schumann) - Allegro (From Sonatina Ing) (Haydn) - Andante (Mozart) - Arabesque (Burgmuller) - Arietta (Haydn) - Ballade (Burgmuller) - Canaries (Couperin) - Courante In F Major (Handel) - Easy Divertimento (Haydn) - Fairy Tale (Shostakovitch) - Folk Song (Bartok) - Gavotte (Handel) - Humming Along (Bartok) - Larchetto (From 'Seven Pieces Of Five Notes') (Stravinsky) - Le Tambourin (Rameau) - Little Prelude In C (Bach) - Loneliness (Khachaturian) - Mama (Gretchaninoff) - March (Bach) - March (Prokofieff) - March (Shostakovitch) - Melody (Op. 68, No. 1) (Schumann) - Merry And Sad (Beethoven) - Minuet (C Major) (L. Mozart) - Minuet (F Major) (Handel) - Minuet (G Major) (Bach) - Minuet (Krieger) - Minuet For Clavichord (Rameau) - Minuet In E Flat (C.P.E. Bach) - Minuet In F (K. No. 5) - Minuet In G (Bach) - Minuet No. 1 (Mozart) - Moonlit Meadows (Prokofieff) - Peasant Song (Bartok) - Polonaise (Dussek) - Prelude (Purcell) - Presto (Mozart) - Promenade (Prokofieff) - Romanze (Beethoven) - Russian Folk Song (Beethoven) - Sarabande ('auf Meinen Lieben Gott') (Buxtehude) - Sarabande (Correli) - Sarabande (Handel) - Sarabande ('jeunes Zephirs') (Chambonnieres) - Siciliano (Diabelli) - Six Variations On A Swiss Air (Beethoven) - Soldiers' March (Schumann) - Sonatina (Kabalevesky) - Sonatina In C (Clementi) - Sonatina In G (Beethoven) - Swing Song (Gretchanioff) - To A Wild Rose (Macdowell) - Toccatina (Kabalevsky) - Vagabond's Song (Bartok) - Walking Song (From 'Seven Pieces Of Five Notes') (Stravinsky)

Selected & edited by John BRIMHALL

Partitions pour piano

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